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10. Mai 2018
Enterprise Mobility Transformation Exchange Europe 2018
5. Juni 2018
Being part of Mobile Transformation – Heiko Friedrich as a Featured Speaker of EMTE 2018 in Berlin
By Ulrike Hartig on 23. Mai 2018 0 2

From 23rd to 24th May, the CEO of GEMA International, Heiko Friedrich, will be a featured speaker for Enterprise Mobility Transformation Exchange in Berlin. Organized by Enterprise Mobility Exchange Network (a division of IQPC), Enterprise Mobility Transformation Exchange is an exclusive event (participation is strictly limited to senior executives from leading enterprises) where the attendees will experience inspiring keynote addresses, in-depth case studies, structured networking and interactive discussion groups with peers and EM leaders.

As the enterprise world becomes increasingly mobile-first and digitally transformed, your mobile strategy will define the success of your organization in the immediate future and beyond, and that is why this year’s Exchange will be talking about UEM and mobile management, mobile security, mobile app development and delivery, also emerging IoT technologies. The combination of live events, webinars and online information resources provide mobility leaders with unique learning and networking opportunities.

Joined with a lot of other speakers such as Erkut Erkinci (Head of IT, Hugo Boss), Harvey Jassal (Technology and Innovation Manager, Costain), Carole Layzell (Digital Eagle & Proactive Engagement Director, Barclays), Heiko Friedrich will be presenting about ‘Enterprise Mobility as a Driver of Corporate Success’. “Now companies are forced to incorporate mobility as a core part, not only for their IT strategy, but also for their overall value add chain in order to adjust to ever changing challenges within their markets,” as Heiko Friedrich explained. If you would like to know more about how GEMA enables people and companies to realize their potential of mobility as a part of the digital workplace, stay tuned.

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