Enterprise Mobility Transformation Exchange Europe 2018
5. Juni 2018
Heiko Friedrich as a Speaker of Enterprise Mobility Summit 2018 in Frankfurt am Main
By Ulrike Hartig on 18. Oktober 2018 0 2

On 18th October, the CEO of GEMA International AG, Heiko Friedrich, will be a featured speaker for Enterprise Mobility Summit 2018. Organized by Vogel IT Academy, Enterprise Mobility Summit 2018 will be held in Frankfurt am Main from 18th to 19th October 2018. It brings together top executives and IT service providers to discuss issues surrounding mobility strategies, management, integration and security. Keynotes, customer references, think tanks and roundtables as well as awards provide an exciting, useful and interactive agenda.

Enterprise Mobility is one of the key enablers of modern business processes and digital transformation, and therefore at the top of every CIO agenda. It’s not just about connecting employees, customers and suppliers in all process chains, but also successfully implementing new topics such as IoT and wearables in the enterprise mobility strategy.

Joined by a lot of other speakers such as Dr. Susanne Ozegowski (Techniker Krankenkasse), Pascal Matzke (Forrester Research), Ralf Gegg (VMWare), and Prof. Dr. Phillip Karl (Stanford University), Heiko will be presenting how Device-as-a-Service paves the way to a digital workplace. He will be explaining about what can be achieved by the transformation of today’s means of working, especially focusing on mobile devices, with their ever-growing areas of application and integration into the value-added processes. As a result, the requirements for security, availability, integration and innovation of the respective mobile environments increase in such a way that they are barely manageable by in-house IT and within existing investment budgets. D-a-a-S enables fast, OPEX-funded implementation of the required environments and endpoints. At the same time, IT retains its strategic sovereignty and preserves internal resources.

Together with SOTI, the sponsor of the event, GEMA will be available at Enterprise Mobility Summit 2018 stand number 2 and Heiko will be delivering his speech on 18th October 2018 at Salon 1 + 2.

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